Sailing and Travelling Peaks and Troughs

Any sailor, or indeed traveller, can relate to the highs and lows of this lifestyle.

The SisterShip team are sailors and have experienced the peaks and troughs of sailing the world’s oceans.

sailing the oceans

In centuries gone by to the present day, I am sure many of us agree with Captain Jane Thorn’s feelings onboard the Destiny in 1820 (excerpt from Destiny’s Gold).

Jane was somber when she awoke at dawn. Today was her twenty-fourth birthday, and the ache of distant friends and relations felt particularly keen. As she sat down to the sparse breakfast in her cabin, she contemplated the price paid by the long distance seafarer. Leaving the bosom of her family for weeks at a time on her northern trading trips was as nothing compared to the many months that would pass before she sailed back up the Hudson River to the dock below her father’s house in Newburgh. Getting out of her bunk and wrapping herself in her shawl, she sighed and hoped that the dear ones at home were missing her as sorely as she was missing them.

In forthcoming issues, SisterShip Magazine will be looking into the challenges faced by women solo sailors; the nitty-gritty of health onboard and in foreign ports; and is this lifestyle really as healthy as it is made out to be?

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