“With your Skins whole and your Pockets fat!”

Captain Jane Thorn motivates her crew to work hard and watch her back… but do they?

“All right, men,” she began, “we are finally off and you made a good job of it in the end. I should like to thank you all for signing on. We mean to make a lucky and profitable venture of this trip and see you all home with your skins whole and your pockets fat.”

At this, a cheer went up from the men and Jane had to wave her hands to quiet them. She continued, “We are bound for Cuba as our first port of call. We have a contract to pick up sugar, and will see to loading some for ourselves as well. That should give you something extra in your pay packet if we get a good price.” Another cheer interrupted her speech, and Jane waved again to settle them so she could finish.

“We have heard there may be fever in Havana, so we will make quick work of the cargo when we are there. I fear we may need to limit shore leave if the epidemic is raging, but I aim to make it up to you on the other side. Dawkins and Galsworthy here can be counted on to see you right with the work, and Cookie will keep your bellies well filled. Do your work, do it well and swiftly, and we will all arrive home by and by with gifts for our sweethearts and money to put in the bank.”

Destiny's Gold Historical Fiction

This is an excerpt from Destiny’s Gold – Book 2 is due for release in the New Year… you’d better hurry and catch up with Jane…


“Anchors aweigh!” – “Hoist the jib! Helm to windward!”

Destiny is underway, and so is Captain Jane Thorn in – Destiny’s Gold

“The sails filled and they tacked out of the harbor into the Atlantic.”

We are proud to announce Destiny’s Gold is now available in paperback (in the USA – rest of the world following soon!).

Join Captain Jane Thorn and her hearty crew…

“Heave short!” The foredeck crew rammed home the capstan bars and prepared to pull the Destiny downriver until she floated over her port bow anchor. As soon as the tide turned, they would heave the anchor and set sail on a broad reach with the wind on the starboard quarter. It was a tricky maneuver in tight quarters, but would give them a jump on the larger vessels if they could pull it off.
Perched on the near end of the Destiny’s eighteen-foot jib boom, Galsworthy peered down at the anchor chain, waiting for it to draw slack.
“Heave ho!” came the call, and the men bent their backs to the work, pushing the bars around the capstan as one of the hands led them in a rousing chorus of Maid of Amsterdam.
“Anchors aweigh!” rang out as the flukes cleared the bottom and the Destiny began to move with the outgoing tide.
“Hoist the jib! Helm to windward!” The orders were coming fast as Jane watched her crew move nimbly to execute Mister Dawkins’ commands. Over the past week, these seven sailors had come together under the firm hand of the chief, and Jane felt a shiver of pride and anticipation as the sails filled and they began the long tack down the harbor and out into the Atlantic.

4.0 out of 5 stars – Great story!!   (Very few books get a five star rating from me, but this one is close.)
December 2, 2018 – Format: Kindle Edition
I don’t know anything about sailing, but I do know when I enjoy a good adventure story and really feel that I’ve connected to a character. Captain Jane and her crew grabbed my heart and pulled me into her world. The book was very enjoyable and I’m looking forward to reading the next one!

Destiny's Gold Historical Fiction great read