Facing your Fears – Meet Amazing Women

Short story competition reveals true Sheroes.

An anthology for women on the water coping with Fear.

Not only for women – Facing Your Fear will go a long way to help men peek into the workings of women’s brains and trains of thought.

Women Facing their Fears on board

Short Story Competition

When we launched the Facing Your Fear competition, we thought it would be nice to share other women’s stories. A large part of SisterShip’s ethos is, after all, Support. But we were not ready for the level of bare honesty, gritty determination, open soul, amusing, tragic, sad stories.

Most mornings I read a story (I am not a judge, they are highly regarded boat women and authors), I’d sit with my coffee (and beanie – it’s winter) and cry, laugh, and gasp – my husband often asking, ‘What’s wrong?’

Upcoming ‘Shining Stars’

Young women have picked up the pen as well. There is a lot of extraordinary talent about to burst onto the scenes (‘Shining Stars’ is our new locker in SisterShip Magazine).

Facing Your Fears Anthology will be available in October.

The collection of stories analyse fear, lay it bare; it’s dealt with, beaten, coped with, sometimes winning, but mostly losing.

Always Learning

I’ve learned so much. Not only about some extraordinary women, but about myself and my fears and coping mechanisms.

Our Facing Your Fear Competition is about to close (17th August), but perhaps you have a pet onboard…?

SisterShip short story competition pets