FAQs/Send us your MS

What will it cost me upfront?
Nothing! Details here.

Why join our team?
SisterShip Press is a small group of women with families and animals, who try to maintain a balance in their lives. We understand that the complexities of publishing can be daunting. We’ve published books and magazines and know there are many women travellers keen to share their story.

We have an enormous database of readers who crave nautical/marine style books and travel books. So, fiction or non-fiction books in these genres will have a good start!

We take all the risk. We are paid when you are making sales (we are paid via a small percentage of your sales). Therefore, we are determined and committed to making your book the best product we can (with you)!

We are approachable. There is no such thing as a silly question. It’s important we all work well together, and that we are all happy.

We will do all the necessary work and produce an ebook, paperback, and (possibly) an audiobook.

We can help with your front cover if you don’t have one.

We will help you market your book. We’ve been marketing publications for many years and although technologies change, the fundamentals stay the same. Whilst we will make every effort to market your book, you are expected to (and if you are smart) you will join us in the marketing program. We have access to a large group that are keen to read nautical/marine related stories, to which we can promote your book, we will market your book on a regular basis to this group, as well as across all social media. We will provide advice, hints, tips, and support in this area. It is a team effort and we understand which techniques to employ and which to avoid. It is a continuous journey and continuous work. But it can be incredibly rewarding connecting with kindred spirits all over the world – as well as making sales!

I’ve got an idea for a book, what do I do?
Go and write it – we only want completed manuscripts.

I have a completed manuscript, what should I do?
Ensure that:
1) Your manuscript is complete (ie you have finished writing the entire book). You’ve put it aside for a few weeks and then re-read again and edited it again. (Ideally, someone else has read it through for you BEFORE you send it to us.)

2) If your manuscript fits our requirements, is complete, AND you have read ALL our FAQs and agree that you’ve taken your MS as far as you can (for the moment), then send the first three chapters to: sistershippress@gmail.com and title the email “MS – [title of book/Author name]”

3) Your covering email will include a brief synopsis of your MS and the total number of words and chapters. Include details on its genre and whether it is fiction or non-fiction. If you send three chapters you are confirming that the entire MS is complete and if we ask for the full MS you will be able to send it to us straight away.

4) Follow these presentation guidelines:
a) Send us the first three chapters, via email, in a Word or PDF document.
2) Ensure your name is in the header or footer of each page with page numbers, include your contact details here too.
3) Your attached manuscript (in the email) must be the book title and your name.
4) Include, in a separate document, a brief synopsis of your book. Don’t panic over this or spend countless hours doing this – just a few sentences summarising the book is fine.

What next?
We will confirm receipt of your email within a week. If you don’t receive confirmation, drop us another line. After that, please just wait – we will come back to you with a decision as soon as we can. We are a small team and it may take some time. We may ask for the full manuscript first before we decide.

What if you turn down my manuscript?
If we can, we’ll try to offer some guidance, but it is not always possible. If we turn you down don’t lose heart, you are just not right for us – keep trying other publishers.

What if you like my manuscript?
Then we’ll talk. We’ll work out a rough timeline, depending on what our team of Editors are currently working on. We’ll send you a contract to sign and we’ll get to work asap.

How long does it take to see my book in print?
It can take months. It depends how much works is required in the editing/proof stage. Usually, the editor and proof-readers (beta readers) take several weeks and return the MS to you. You may then spend several weeks editing/applying the Editor’s/proof-readers’ recommendations. You return the MS to us and a further set of beta readers will read the entire MS to check for last-minute bloopers. It then takes several weeks or so to format and place your e-book online and a little longer for the paperback (so we can receive a copy and quality check the book).

How do I get paid?
We will send funds directly to you via Paypal, Stripe, or directly into your account. We pay bi-monthly. We will provide a breakdown of location and quantity of sales.

Is an agent necessary?

Will you publish any book submitted?
No. We will work with authors who have followed our guidelines for submitting, have produced a great product and we believe we can work with.

Do you pay an advance?
No, only royalties.

Do I still own all my rights?
The Author retains copyright but must not publish anywhere else in any other format if working with us.

In summary, we:
Proofread your manuscript
Produce a cover (if you do not already have one)
Edit the Book via a professional editor (you will be working directly with our editors)
Format the Book for the different publishing channels
Submit the Book to major outlets (ebooks/paperbacks/(audio-possibly))