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Changing Places - book on transitions in live

NEW RELEASE: How do you part with a lifetime of memories and treasured possessions, leave the comforts of a home, and wave farewell to family and friends to move aboard a small sailboat for a life on the ocean?
It’s certainly not a life that suits everyone. But what if, when the time came, you didn’t want to return?
Join us as twenty-four women share their experiences of ‘changing places’ from land to sea and/or sea to land. The depth of feeling may surprise you!





NEW RELEASE: Tacking Through Life - fun travel book to readTerrified of water and unable to swim, why would an upstate New York farm girl contemplate an ambitious trip on the high seas? But that is exactly what she did.
At the age of 55, in freezing winter over a shot (or two) of Aquavit, Carolyn and her Viking husband, Gert, hatch a plan to buy a sailboat and embark on a five-year circumnavigation around the globe.
But like so many dreams, this one does not go quite as planned.
Emotions whirl and eddy as Carolyn tackles tough challenges; a hurricane in Grenada, an ambush by Venezuelan kids brandishing assault rifles, and a brush with the Nicaraguan paramilitary. All while dealing with the daily tribulations of life onboard on a small pension. Driving her to question, “Why hadn’t I stayed on the farm?”
This frank and humorous tale will have you laughing and sympathising along the way as Carolyn juggles a paralysing fear of sailing with unfaltering love for both her husband and the freedom of travel as they explore the Caribbean, Central America, and the South Pacific.

Voyaging Pets

Voyaging Pets

True Stories: People will go to extraordinary lengths to keep their families together, and for many this includes four-legged members. While it is easier to travel with pets these days, it’s not always smooth sailing with animals onboard.

Our writers expose the depth of love for their furry friends, with touching, humorous, and unusual pet yarns.

Canines and felines of all shapes, colours, and sizes feature in this pet anthology but also prepare to meet Patch the sailing guinea pig, Pi-Rat, and Roger the cheeky booby bird!

These are cruising companions who love their life onboard and add a new dimension of adventure for their devoted families.


Facing Fear Head On

True Stories: A collection of inspirational and practical stories from women on the water.

Gasp, cry and laugh out loud as forty-six women from around the globe reveal their deepest fears and coping strategies while voyaging on (and in) the world’s waterways.

Experience a unique journey and witness the emotional turmoil that fear can create as dreams, and loved ones, are threatened.

These true tales of raw emotion and courage will help you tackle fear, cast off the lines, and take heart in knowing you are not alone.

Not just for women, men should read this too. If you want to take your partner sailing these stories are a remarkable insight into the minds of women as they unfold the secrets to help you – help them – love life at sea.


Destiny's Gold Pamela Grimm SisterShipHistorical Fiction – first in the series: It is 1820 and a young, female sea captain sets sail aboard the schooner Destiny bound for the sugar plantations of Cuba and then on to the Baltic for iron. Political intrigue and mystery dog the voyage, and those who underestimate the captain’s skill and business acumen do so at their peril.

This is historical, nautical fiction with a fresh new take. Destiny’s Gold author Pamela Grimm has created an indomitable female character and a storyline that keeps you guessing. Pamela combines her love of maritime history with experience as a commercial and recreational captain to bring to life the golden age of merchant sailing ships in the person of Captain Jane Thorn and her loyal crew.

Destiny's Freedom, book 2 in the Captain Jane Thorn Series

Historical Fiction – second in the series: Not all is what it seems.
Home from a successful trading venture to Cuba and St Petersburg, Captain Jane Thorn is now tasked with a coastal trading voyage with a mystery to solve.
Just what is the Master of the Osprey up to? Why does the vessel keep disappearing?
The drama and intrigue as Jane unravels the truth places her boat, position, and the Thorn family business in jeopardy. Torn between integrity, ethics, and the safety of her crew and loved ones, once again Jane faces an unexpected challenge.
The Captain Jane Thorn series continues the romance and adventure of 19th century merchant sailing ships. This time set against the turmoil of a young nation coming to terms with the moral and economic conflicts of slavery.

Memoir – from corporate girl to sea-gypsy woman. A nine-year odyssey.
Of Foreign Build Jackie Parry

Memoir: 2 hemispheres, 2 people, and 1 boat. They knew this moment would change the rest of their lives.This Is It Jackie Parry


Cruisers Accumulated Acumen Jackie Parry

A Standard Journey Jackie Parry