How To Market Your Book

Marketing Tips to Sell Your Book

There is no great secret formula, there is no short-cut. It takes work, a lot of work, to ensure your book is seen, considered, and bought.

Reaching an ‘editor-ready’ stage with your manuscript is a terrific goal. By this point most authors have run out of energy, and desire. The editing process re-kindles that fire for a while. The book is finally distributed and listed for sale – now all you have to do is let people know it is there.

If you are smart, while writing your book, editing, setting up distribution channels, etc., you also publish a regular blog (not entirely about your book!), set up Facebook pages: a personal one and one for your book, Instagram and Twitter.

Your website will advertise your forthcoming book, in the header or sidebar, your blog will be linked with your book; it will be about you, your writing journey but also other interesting topics.

It’s more work – but keep the blog posts short.

  1. No one has time to read lengthy blogs anymore
  2. You won’t have much time/energy to write lengthy blogs anymore!

There are tips and tricks for writing blogs, SisterShip Press Pty helps and supports our authors with this.

Read this article about marketing your book, it is helpful and raises some excellent points. SisterShip Press is connected with nautical women all over the world waiting for women authors connected to the water to transport them to another world – via fiction or non-fiction

Our multi-channel marketing platform is already in place.

Our team of authors/writers/editors have learned the right way to find the right people to purchase your book. The key is to start early and begin the marketing journey the right way. There is no guarantee, but with a tenacious attitude and effort, we can help give you the best chance.

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